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Technology & Science

"The essential joy of being with a horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of Grace, Beauty, Spirit & Fire."

- Sharon Ralls Lemon

Research & Development

The ultimate goal of Ringside Hay is to develop high quality, nutrient rich hay which meet consumer demands and bring success to those that we do business with and serve. To be a Champion you have to eat like a Champion. 


A squeeze is needed to load the semi for transportation, but also needed to unload your order. 

Hay Squeeze Specs: 

Approx. Weight: 3,300 lbs.

Fork Length: 96" (8')

Squeeze Open: 102" (8'6")

Squeeze Closed: 65" (5'5")


  • Moves 8 x 8 Stacks.

  • Lifts 14 to 20 feet.

  • Loads trucks in minutes, barns in hours.

  • 10 ft width clearance 


Eliminating toxins from the hay begins in the field. Ringside Hay and it's growers take extra measures to ensure that all weeds and toxins are eliminated by extra racking, walking fields, inspecting bales, and proper field preparation before seeding.




In an ongoing effort to provide premium quality hay for performance sport horses, Ringside Hay values it's relationship with it's growers. Each of our growers has advanced technology, first class equipment and years of experience to know when to plant, how to plant, when to harvest, making each bale perfect.

Seeding happens in the fall and lies dormant over the winter months or early spring. Timothy takes 6-8lbs of seeds per acre, Alfalfa 20-22lbs seeds per acre and Orchard 8lbs of seeds per acre in an established field. 

Harvesting is different for each hay

  • Alfalfa, Oat, Bermuda : May - Sept. 

  • Timothy, Orchard, Beardless Wheat: June - Oct.

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