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Orchard Grass

Like Rye and Fescue, Orchard Grass is another very good roughage or filler. It has a coarser stem and is a popular source of fiber. Orchard Grass is a flat leaf bladed perennial, cool season, tall-growing grass.  Orchard grass is high in fiber and low in protein to help support a healthy digestive tract. The leaves vary from green to bluish green depending on the maturity of the plant. Currently blended with Alfalfa we offer an Orchard/Alfalfa mix for a higher protein fiber combo. Orchard hay is the second most popular hay behind Timothy. Fed to performance horses to help supplement a higher fiber diet and offer more grazing/chew time for horses confined to a stable. Like timothy, the first cutting usually has a higher weed content. The second cutting the quality decreases but less weeds, so the second cutting is usually preferred for horses.  

Since it’s a grass hay it has very similar characteristics to Timothy. Since it’s not a legume hay, and a grass hay, it will have very similar properties to Timothy and most likely uses P & K minerals to grow and does not require Nitrogen. 


  • Crude Protein min 7%

  • Crude Fat min 1.50%

  • Crude Fiber Max 32%

  • Moisture max 15%

  • Calcium 0.34%

  • Phosphorus 0.23%

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