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At Ringside Hay Company we offer a wide variety of hay products to service your individual needs. Our main products include Timothy, Alfalfa, Oat, Orchard and a Orchard/Alfalfa Blend. We also offer additional varieties of hay seen under Other Grasses.


Located in Oregon, the high elevation, sandy soil, gentle breeze and cooler climate is ideal for high quality hay and grass. Specializing in hay for performance horses, Ringside Hay is able to offer customers a wide selection of cuttings, blends & quality. 

Timothy Grass
Other Hay
About us

Ringside Hay Company combines agricultural science with sport horse management to produce quality hay varieties. Jeffrey and Crystal Nelson combined their backgrounds to form a leading hay company which utilizes agriculture growing technology (behind the success of many strawberry, raspberry, artichoke, and blackberry producers worldwide) with 30 years of show jumping horse management. 

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